Our People

  • Meet Michael Delapena, Trainee Network Controller

    Trainee Network Controllers are responsible for managing power flow and ensuring safe and reliable delivery of electricity. This includes directing field crews and other team members involved in switching works.

    Your work as a Trainee Network Controller will be carried out at our office in Melbourne.

    Our Trainee Network Controllers usually enjoy using sophisticated technology and applying a logical approach to real-time events.

  • Meet Ross Kelly, Apprentice Transmission Line Worker

    Apprentice Line Workers install, repair and maintain the overhead lines that carry electricity. As an Apprentice Line Worker, you are separated into one of two roles depending on the type of lines you work on – distribution or transmission.

    Distribution Line Workers carry out work on the lines and cables that carry electricity to domestic, commercial and industrial users.

    Transmission Line Workers are responsible for the lines that carry electricity from power stations to terminal stations and zone substations, usually on steel towers.

    Our Apprentice Line Workers usually enjoy hands-on electrical work, contributing to a team, and working outdoors and at heights. 

  • Meet Emma Bostedt, Trainee Electricity Network Representative

    Trainee Electricity Network Representatives manage works on the electricity distribution network arising from installation, repair and maintenance. This includes meeting customer and regulatory requirements, and overseeing supply reliability issues.

    Our Electricity Network Representatives are also sometimes referred to as Designers.

    Your work as a Trainee Electricity Network Representative will be carried out in a mix of indoor (depot) and outdoor environments, according to where electricity distribution works are planned.